Providing Organic Honey Fresh From the Hive

A group of bees on top of a honeycomb.

Peterson's Farm Honey

Not all honey is equal in flavor, sweetness, or aroma.

It all depends on where the bees gathered their nectar.

To the best of our knowledge, our honey is a combination of some of the following nectars: wild mustard, clover, lavender, wild radish, borage, squash and pepper blossoms, fruit tree blossoms, oregano, pennyroyal, mint, black locust, catalpa, and sunflowers.

What they forage on depends, of course, on what is blooming.

All our honey is raw (never heated) honey that has been extracted right here on the farm and carefully strained through a double-layered sieve before bottling. It is worth the trip, believe us!

A woman is working on a bee hive.

Honey is capped by the bees and the cappings are removed before spinning it out.

A black and white image of a bee hive.

Our honey label

A person is pouring liquid into a pot.

Here it is flowing out of the honey extractor in the sieve above
the bucket.