A sign that says peterson 's farm and sunflowers.

Your Trusted Source for Fresh Produce

We sell eggs, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and honey.

Offering a Variety of Free-Range Eggs & Farm-Fresh Produce

A chicken standing next to an egg carton.

Welcome to Peterson’s Farm

We are a retired couple that has been here since 1972. We are now a farm stand providing fresh eggs, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and honey from our bees.

All our farm products are raised pesticide- and herbicide-free, and the chickens have free run in the poultry yard and our orchard through a special door that opens at sun-up and closes after they come home to roost at sun-down.

We are a certified Bee Friendly Farm!

We planted an orchard of peaches, pears, apples, and plums. We also have two varieties of persimmons: hachiya and giant fuyu. These fruits are pollinated by our own honey bees and any bees that live within a three-mile radius of our farm.
Located just north of Petaluma, California, this farm is in the scenic historic countryside of Sonoma County. It was once one of the many chicken ranches that made Petaluma "the egg basket of the world."
Directions from Highway 101: Leave Highway 101 at Washington and go west to Payran. Turn right and then right on Petaluma Blvd. That will take you to Gossage Ave. It is the first left turn after the Outlet Mall. Make a left turn. Go up the hill to 636 Gossage Ave.
Ask one of us to show you the bees in the observation beehive that is in the barn. They fly in and out a tube through the barn wall.
Whatever is available to purchase is on display either in front of the barn, just inside the barn, or in the refrigerator where we keep the eggs cool. We leave containers for money and encourage you to make your own change if you do not see us around.

A bear shaped honey bottle and flower arrangement.