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More Photos From Peterson's Farm

  sunflowers in the pumpkin field
This year we planted a lot of giant sunflowers in the rows with the basil and beets. They make great bird feeders or people feeders, too!
Izzy by cows.
The cows want to know why our little great grand daughter is getting more attention than they are!
Ettamarie by beehives
Ettamarie is the "Queen Bee" on the farm.

A view of our vegitable garden.

This year we planted tomatos, sunflowers, beans, tomatoes, beets, corn and more!



A handsome rooster!

We have some beautiful roosters!


prize winning wax
Winning the Best of Show Apiary with this wax
mold of a queen bee was a lot of work but worth it!
This was a few years ago. Now all my wax is shared
with the Liberty 4-H Beekeepers.

Two honey bees on sunflower.

Kasey Peterson, our grand daughter, took this lovely
sunflower photo at our farm. She also planted the

Ettamarie extracting honey
This is how the cappings are cut from the honey comb before extracting in the extractor.

Izzy with Cinderella Pumpkins

Our Great Grand Daughter Izzy was admiring our Cinderella pumpkins.She started kindergarten this year! Time flies when you are having fun!

Arpil 2014 Calf
This little girl calf was born April 8th, 2014!Each year we usually have two new calves born in the spring.
swarm with a queen
One day in October a few years ago a small swarm came out and landed on a leaf. Can you see the queen in the center? This is an unusual happening.

queen and her court
When looking for the queen, it helps to look for this pattern. The bees around her are called her "court". They are her daughters and care for her, feeding and grooming her carefully.

pumpkin sprout

When a squash seed is planted, this is the first sign that it is growing.

next set of leaves

Soon the little plant gets more leaves.

small pumpkin bud

After more days of being watered and carefully weeded, it puts out long vines and little buds start to show. If it is a female bud, it has a tiny squash behind it. Can you see it?

Bee on male blossom.
The bees carry pollen from one squash blossom to another to make the squash start to grow.
Jessie & Kasey Planting pumpkins.
Jessie and Kasey loved to help plant the garden! Now they are in their 20's!
Multi-colored Eggs
Our eggs are multicolored, free-range, various sizes! Loook
for thefresh eggs in the refrigerator in the barn. Leave your
money in the container. We leave change for you if you need it.
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