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Peterson's Farm Tour

These are some scenes around the farm.

New poultry yard view.
This is our new poultry yard.
The chickens sleep up on the roost.

Ray Peterson on tractor
Mr. Ray Peterson does all the tractor driving for us.
Ettamarie Peterson on the farm
Mrs. Ettamarie Peterson is the beekeeper
and vegetable grower. The grandchildren help her plant all the garden.
feeding the cows
Children love to feed the cows.
children learning about bees
These children are learning about the bees.

Children love to try on the beekeeper's hat.
Kasey Peterson feeding ponies
Our grand daughter Kasey Peterson has been feeding the ponies since they were born. She is now in college and is helping the farm in many more ways!
Scottish Higlander cow and calf
We loved this cow and had her for 20 years! She died of old age Jan. 13, 2012. She was a Scottish Highlander.
Child trying on a beekeeper's hat
Some children want to be a beekeeper
when they grow up!
Full Moon, our pony
This pony is named "Full Moon" because she has a moon on her forehead.

Observation Hive at Ag Day

Sometimes Ettamarie takes the observation hive
to schools or other events. You can see it at the


Queen Bee in Observation Hive
Look for the queen bee in our
observation hive.
observation hiveclose up of bee on honey comb
This is the observation hive with a close up of
one of the bees. The bees fly out through a pipe
in the wall.

Our bees pollinate squash and
other fruits and vegetables we grow.

Bees are important for pollinating.
Peterson's barn
When groups arrive, they meet here in front of our
big barn to learn how to make the trip a fun and safe
learning experience.
Sebastopol goose
Come and throw bread to the goose!

We have lots of chickens but right now no ducks.

This is Oso. He was born on the farm in November 2006.
He and our other dog love children.

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